Tourist Board

The Tourist Council under the Kharkiv Mayor is a permanent advisory and advisory body that was established in March 2014 with the aim of promoting the development of tourism and the tourist infrastructure of the city of Kharkiv, in line with current trends and city status.

Council decisions are advisory in nature and can be implemented through the adoption of relevant regulatory acts of the mayor and the executive committee of the Kharkiv city council. The main organizational form of the work of the Council are meetings that are held at least once every six months.

The tourist council includes the deputy mayor, officials of the executive and local governments, deputies of the city council, heads or other authorized representatives of enterprises, regardless of their form of ownership, specialized higher education institutions. The Council may include experts in the field of tourism, science, education, culture and other spheres of public life.

Experts may be invited to attend meetings of the council, including employees of state authorities, local governments and foreign experts.

Organizational and technical support of the Council’s activities is carried out by the Department of International Cooperation of the Kharkiv City Council together with the Center for Development of International Cooperation municipal enterprise.

The main tasks of the Council are:

– Analysis and synthesis of problems constraining the development of tourism and the tourist infrastructure of the city Kharkov
– Development of proposals, projects, programs to stimulate the development of tourism in the city of Kharkov
– Formation of a common position of city authorities and enterprises of the tourism industry regarding the ways of development and improvement of the tourism industry
– Development of proposals, projects and programs received from the executive bodies of the Kharkiv City Council, enterprises, research organizations, city residents, etc., in order to develop tourism and related branches of the city of Kharkov
– Initiation of proposals, projects and programs aimed at the development of the tourism industry of the city of Kharkov, etc.

Communication with the department

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