The main events of October in Kharkov

With the onset of cold and rain it is important to maintain a good mood and more often please yourself with impressions! Therefore, in October we advise you not to stay too long at home and attend at least a few events this fall.

2 October
The ballet “Notre Dame de Paris” in KhNATOB
The ballet is based on the novel by Victor Hugo – the first historical novel in French.

October 3rd
Performative lecture and presentation of the Girls like us magazine at the HudpromLoft Biennale for Young Art.


The 4th of October
The discussion “Virtual Yacht: Artistic Practices Robots in the Virtual Space” at the Biennale for Young Art in the Municipal Gallery.

Movie night at the Mechanics Art Plant
That night, three parts of the cult film The Godfather will be shown at the Art Factory.

Manhattan Short Film Festival at Fabrika.space
The festival will show films from the USA, Great Britain, Canada, France, Iran, Germany and Finland.

October 6th
Charity Run “Run For Life” on Belgorod Highway
Mileage provides two distances to choose from: 5 and 10 kilometers. Start at the site near the ANP gas station.

October 9th
3D light and music show with the Symphony Orchestra at the Kharkov Philharmonic
The program includes works by Strauss, Khachaturian, Sviridov and others.

October 10-23
Short meter from Denmark at the Bommer Cinema
This fall will be the fourth Short Meter from Denmark festival. His program included 9 multi-genre films, game and animated films: dramas, comedies, horrors, western, thriller and science fiction.

October 11
BEST COMEDY SHORTS Comedy Festival in Fabrika.space
The festival program includes the best comedy short films from the USA, France, Great Britain and Australia.

Lecture by Asya Bazdyreva “In the skips from the earth: ecology in a highly specialized and Ukrainian culture” as part of the Biennale of Young Art in the Literary Museum.

October 12th
Dakh Daughters Speech at NYU Student Palace
Dakh Daughters is a Ukrainian female group working in the genre of “freak cabaret” and theatrical performance.

Conference “Cultural and Creative Design for Branding Mist” in the framework of the Biennale of Young Art in the Invite hub.

October 16th
Lara Fabian Concert at the Sports Palace
Known for her unique performance of the classics Je suis malade and Caruso, Lara Fabian returns to Ukraine with a unique show dedicated to her entire career, including all her major hits.

17 October
Literary evening Les Poderevyansky
The author will voice his most popular plays and new short stories as an exclusive.

October 19-20
Ukr Dance Cup at the Sports Palace
Ukr Dance Cup 2019 – International Ballroom Dance Sports Festival.

the 25th of October
Screening of the best films of the Kiev International Short Film Festival 2019 at Fabrika.space

October 26th
Urbanistan with the new Pomenyalo program in the Art Area of ​​DK
Urbanistan is a Kharkov group working in the areas of hip-hop, drum-n-bass, reggae with the addition of other genres, the highlight of the group is freestyle and improvisation.

27th October
Concert of the group Time and Glass at the Sports Palace
The group “Time and Glass” arranges a loud musical party for 7 thousand people with the new album VISLOVO.

Lecture “Misto Maybutynogo: How Does a New Life Live?” Rozumni budinki, updated reality, susidi robots ”as part of the Biennale of Young Art in the Municipal Gallery.

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