Poster of the main events of February in Kharkov

February is the month when everyone has already moved away from the New Year holidays and returned to normal life, but the need for interesting events has not gone away. Now we will tell you where and how you can have fun in Kharkov this month.

Now and until February 29

An ice rink continues to work on Freedom Square. You can go there with your skates or rent them, and we wrote more about prices in the article on New Year’s events.

Now and until February 14

The Ermilov Center will host the exhibition of Hamlet Zinkovsky “3652019”. This is the fourth such project, within which the artist will present his works that he created every day of the past year, 365 days without a break.

January 31, February 1 and 2

The Dafi Mall will host the next street art festival. For three nights in a row, visitors will be entertained by a variety of performances, and in the end they will offer to choose the best artist.

February 5th

In the Kharkov Theater. T. G. Shevchenko will host the play “Shelmenko-Batman” – a classic comedy vaudeville with an intriguing plot and vivid characters.

February 6

Kharkov Theater T. G. Shevchenko will show the tragicomedy “Tango,” in which a plot that is confusing at first glance unfolds and a tangle of confused thoughts unfolds.

February 7th

The music club LF club will host a cover evening in memory of Kuzma Scriabin.

February 7th

Antikafe 7/9 invites everyone to a movie night, where you can watch three cult films with Tom Hanks in a cozy atmosphere: “Catch Me If You Can”, “Save Private Ryan”, “The Green Mile”.

February 7, 8 and 9

Scheid Opera will present the ballet Swan Lake on the Water – a unique case when there will be real water for the stage and the performance will take place as if on the surface of the lake.

February 8th

In the culinary school AL.CUISINE, a master class will be held on the preparation of sweets – bright colored donuts on yeast and yeast-free dough.

February 8th

Fabrika.space will host French short films in the original language.

February 9th

The city dolphinarium Nemo will present the audience with shows of white whales and dolphins.

February 9th

The Plasticine Crow art cafe organizes quick dates for those wishing to find a soul mate – a great idea on the eve of Valentine’s Day!

February 10th

Theater 19 on this day will present two productions in the House of Actors at once: at 18:00 – the performance “But Still,” and at 20:30 – the absurd tragicomedy “Karol”.

February 11th

Isability Space will host a workshop on the topic “Google presentation on your knees”, where you can learn how to create stunning presentations for different tasks using the simple Google service.

12th of February

Cow Art Club invites everyone to the “Most Romantic” Stand Up, dedicated to Valentine’s Day.

February 12-16

A family fair will be held in the sports palace, where manufacturers from all over Ukraine will present their clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and kitchen utensils.

February 13

In the restaurant “Cork” on Sumskaya, the popular artist Alekseev will perform with proven hits.

The 14th of February

Symphony concert “Yanko-show” will be held in the Kharkov Philharmonic Hall for St. Valentine’s Day, conductor – Yuriy Yanko.

The 14th of February

Retro-tram will be a gift for lovers of Kharkov. On February 14, you can ride a 1952 tram from the South Station through the city center to the Horse Market and listen to interesting guides’ stories about the most striking love stories of Kharkov.

The 14th of February

So that you can get as much as possible imbued with a romantic mood, this evening Fabrika.space will organize a show of the best erotic short films with an updated program – Best Erotic Shorts 2020.

February, 15

The legendary team of Dakha Brah arrived in Kharkov to give a concert at the Palace of Students of the NSAU named after I. Wise

February, 15

An evening dedicated to the legendary Frank Sinatra will be held in the Kharkov Philharmonic: a quartet in a jazz arrangement will perform the most popular compositions that have not lost their relevance to this day.

February 17

Every Monday, the FL club music club organizes an evening of playing the Mafia – a great way to stretch your brains and make interesting acquaintances!

February 19th

Kharkov Theater T. G. Shevchenko will present “Warsaw Melody-2” – a bright and original performance in which the famous actress Ada Rogovtseva will play the main role.

February 21

On the territory of the art factory “Mechanics” will give a concert by the famous rock band Louna.

February 22

Ukrainian duo NeAngely will give a concert in Victory Concert Hall.

24 February

On the last Monday of winter, a famous Ukrainian singer Natalya Mogilevskaya will perform in KhNATOB.

25 February

A young group of Bez Obmezhen will give a recital in the Palace of Students of NSAU im. I. Wise.

February 26th

The last winter evenings can be held at the Kharkov Philharmonic Society: on Wednesday, one of the most striking performances will take place here – a light-music 3D show with a symphony orchestra.

February 27-29

A three-day event Kharkov-beauty Days will be held on the territory of the Mechanics art factory, where you can purchase professional cosmetics and learn about the latest innovations in the field of beauty and health.

28th of February

Spend the winter will be at a noisy concert party of the Italian artist Sinc in Moskvich bar.

February 29th

A training seminar on the topic “Emotional Intelligence” will be held, it will be conducted by a professional psychologist Daria Morgan. The event will be held at Freedom Square, 8 and will last 3 hours.

February 29th

To completely melt winter ice and women’s hearts, Oleg Vinnik will arrive in Kharkov with a concert on the 29th, the event will be held at the Sports Palace.


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