Kharkiv has joined the World Federation of Tourist Cities

Deputies made such a decision today, November 27, at a session of the Kharkiv City Council.
It should be noted that the World Federation of Tourist Cities is one of the largest associations of cities in the world, the purpose of which is to promote the economic and social development of world tourism centers. Members of the organization are 145 cities and 73 organizations from 73 countries and regions of the world. In May, Mayor Gennady Kernes signed a request for the city’s entry into the WTCF at a tourism forum in Kharkov. The organization reviewed the application and made a positive decision. So Kharkov became the first city in Ukraine to be included in the World Federation of Tourist Cities, whose headquarters is located in Beijing (China). Now information about Kharkov is being actively disseminated internationally.

The accession of Kharkiv to the World Federation of Tourist Cities will ensure the continued active participation of the city in international exchanges of modern experience and best practices in urban development, tourism and the attractiveness of cities, and the effective implementation of the image policy of local authorities.

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