How to celebrate February 14 in Kharkov

Kharkiv is rich in cultural events and Valentine’s Day prepares many interesting things for couples in love: movie screenings, thematic concerts, special romantic excursions and a special program at Gorky Park.

Holiday program at Gorky Park
For Valentine’s Day, the city park prepares holiday performances and a romantic program in which lovers will be able to participate in a fun-filled wedding ceremony, hang a valentine on the Tree of Love and dance with their half.
Start: 15:00

Excursion to the retro tram

On February 14, it will be possible to ride a 1952 retro tram from South Station via downtown to the Equestrian Market. The tram will be moving at a speed of 13 km per hour, so you will be able to thoroughly explore all the sights and listen to interesting stories of guides about the brightest love stories of Kharkov.

Start: 18:00

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Screenplay at Fabrika.space

For all couples and single enthusiasts this evening Fabrika.space is organizing the best erotic shorts Best Erotic Shorts 2020 under the updated program.

Starts at 18:50

Philharmonic Concert

The Kharkov Philharmonic prepares for the Valentine’s Day a symphonic concert “Yanko show”, at which the academic choir and musicians will perform the most romantic compositions.

Start: 19:00

Cinema in Paris

On February 14, the already iconic Parisian restaurant for Kharkiv will have a special evening: a specially prepared holiday menu, cozy atmosphere and watching a movie “Dirty Dancing” – a great way to have a peaceful romantic evening.

Start: 19:00

Dolphin Theme Show

The Nemo Dolphinarium has also prepared a special program for the Kharkiv people: this evening a team of artists and marine animals will present a night performance “Love”.

Start: 21:00

Holiday DJ Set

A special party will be held at the Moskvich Bar in honor of the holiday of love, which will be hosted by German DJ Oskar Offermann.

Start: 22:00

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