Gosprom – 90 years

In 2018, a monument of architecture and a symbol of constructivism in Ukraine celebrated a big holiday. November 7, 1928 he was erected on Freedom Square. And from the “Uninvited Guest”, which was named during the victory in the competition, he managed to become a native and familiar place for Kharkov.

Without it, it is already difficult to imagine the ensemble of the main square of the city, without its complex volume-spatial structure, which connects with the nearby streets, the sun, reflected in the ribbon glazing. And these feelings even found their official recognition – in 2000 the Gosprom was recognized as one of the twelve official symbols of Kharkov.

Four years later, according to the results of the “Constructivism in Ukraine” conference, it was added to the preliminary list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. And although the condition of the building did not allow replenishing the list at the time, the active work to ensure that it was finally brought in continues.

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