Children from Kharkov went on a recovery to Austria

12 children from Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region, after suffering oncohematological diseases, accompanied by health workers today, on July 4, went to Ibbs (Austria) for rehabilitation.

During their stay in Austria, children are additionally examined at St. Anne’s Hospital (Vienna) and will consult with specialist doctors. If necessary, they will continue maintenance therapy. The children will be accompanied by a hematologist and a nurse at the City Clinical Children’s Hospital No. 16.

During the three weeks of stay abroad, excursions, visits to historical and architectural monuments will be organized for children.

Recall that the rehabilitation of children with cancer of blood diseases in Austria has been held annually, starting in 1996, as part of the cooperation program between the Kharkiv City Council and the Austrian environmental organization Global 2000. During this time, the host has organized and financed the rehabilitation of 332 children.

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