Science Night in Kharkov

Science Night is an event that openly introduces the residents of the city with scientific achievements in an interactive form. It is attended by higher education institutions, research institutes, research centers, academies, which have never been so easy to get into and see what is happening inside. </ Span>

You can go on excursions to the museums of universities, laboratories and listen to what they say about the professions. Experiments are carried out directly in the hall, when only visitors come. The name itself is very mysterious, but, nevertheless, all events are held either from morning till evening, or by evening. To make it easier to travel around the institutes during this time, special free buses are usually set up on this route.

The Night of Science has existed since 2013 and is held every other year. Each of them is devoted to a specific topic. For example, in 2017 it was energy efficiency.

When the project was just opened, everything happened in the open air, in Gorky Park.

18 educational institutions demonstrated their developments in separate areas, and the dancing ostrich became one of the memorable characters. There was an opportunity to participate in master classes. Moreover, not only in the park, but directly in the universities themselves.

IN KNU them. Karazin was offered to the guests to try a lie detector on themselves, in KhNADU they showed high-speed racing cars, and in the center of the “School of Hospitality” the chef from Italy held a culinary master class. In general, you can list for a long time, but the opening was vivid and informative.

A year after the start, the Science Night received more recognition: the award in the category “Best Educational Project” in the competition for the best projects of cross-border cooperation in Eastern Europe, implemented in 2013.

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