Moreinfo – Kharkiv project aimed at simultaneously solving 3 main tasks: development of the urban navigation system; assistance to the tourist in obtaining reliable information about the object in a convenient language for the tourist; obtaining statistical data for the body whose activities are aimed at developing tourism in each specific region.

To solve all these problems, a plate was developed which is installed on monuments of culture and architecture, on the facades of buildings or on a special stele.

In Kharkov, the project started on August 23, 2016, becoming the first city in Ukraine

The main elements present on the plate: a brief description of the object in two main languages ​​used in the region; Braille, which duplicates the text of the label; qr – code that leads to a site specially designed for the project(moreinfo.ua or moreinfo.kz), the site has information about the object in 6 standard languages ​​(Russian / English / German / French / Chinese + main for the region); nfc- tag that helps the tourist to get information without access to the Internet; voice acting in 6 standard languages ​​(Russian / English / German / French / Chinese + main for the region).

When installing 7 or more tablets in the same city, you get a whole navigation route and any tourist can follow the route, having received all the information of interest.

Since the opening of the first tablet, the project has been presented in 2 countries, 11 cities:

  1. Kharkov
  2. Chuguev
  3. Kharkov region
  4. Dnieper
  5. Mariupol
  6. Kherson
  7. Zaporizhia
  8. Ternopil
  9. Kanev
  10. Odessa
  11. Almata

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