Department work

Address: Kharkiv, metro station “Constitution Square” (former Sovetskaya metro station), pl. Constitution, 7, of. 43-44
Phone: 760-74-42
e-mail: umz@citynet.kharkov.ua

Department tasks

– promoting the development of international cooperation in the field of economy, trade, protection of human rights, the fight against terrorism, environmental safety, health, science, education, culture, tourism, physical culture and sports and other areas of public life;
– facilitating the implementation of the strategy of the territorial community of the city of Kharkov and Ukraine on issues of European integration;
– initiating the establishment of partnership and sister city relations with cities of foreign countries and the promotion of information, economic and cultural cooperation, exchange of delegations in the fields of education, science, sports, etc .;
– promoting the development of tourism infrastructure, image and branding policies of the city of Kharkov on the basis of studying and summarizing the experience of partner cities, international organizations and international associations;
– assistance in activization of foreign economic relations, promotion of products of business entities of Kharkiv on the external market;
– formation of a positive international image of the city.

The Department works according to the internal labor regulations for employees of the executive bodies of the Kharkiv City Council, approved by the city mayor 16.07.2018. There is a five-day working week for workers with two days off (Saturday, Sunday). Starting at 9:00, lunch time from 13:00 to 13:45. Completion of work at 18:00 (on Friday at 16:45).

The department does not provide services.


on holding personal receptions of citizens in the Department of International Cooperation of the Kharkiv City Council in 2018

Communication with the department

Not subject to the law on the request for public information